2021 Events

News    Thursday, September 10, 2020

Events are about "The Journey" and there is no better journey than that spent with good friends. 

At 5Frogs we all try and and list what we are doing throughout the year, so if anyone else wants to get involved - come and join us!

Get togethers have been "Covidified" for the past few months; but once we get the green light we will all be back together, beer in hand making grand plans!

Events in the diary so far:

Feb - Dartmoor 100 - Ultra Run
April - LCW Mallorca Training Camp 
May - Lanzarote Ironman and Swansea Triathlon
June - LCW Wales
July - Challenge Roth and Wales Swim Run
September - Ironman Wales and LCW Mallorca Swim camp.

We will be updating our event listing as we go - we may even create its own page! Let us know what you are doing in 2021 on info@fivefrogs.co.uk and we will get the info up!